Friday, October 28, 2011.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008.

its been so long since i last so long.

Life has really changed over the last 6months of my life. Erica and i finally managedto get our DSLR camera....yes we are reallyhappy about it.

My roommate changed from a singaporean to a Vietnamese, hey why dont i get the extrapoints for staying with a foreigner.....why

Had my ICT in june, wow so fast 3 times already. What made me feel wierd in all is that the people are already talking about HDB flats, weddings and baby bonuses. When i reach there, they will be probably be talking about primary and secondary schools already.

Oh the most interesting that happend to me would probably be the injury that happend. i partially tore the ligament in my ankle.It is neither here nor there,so haveto be extra sian,cosi cant do alot of things. I guess it happened at the right time as i was overtraining and would probably suffer from over exhaustion if the injury did not happen. was slow after that
But dun worry will be back better than ever.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008.

Hey to all, its been a long time since i updated my blog, well here is my story for the last 2 weeks.

Two significant things happened in the last 2 weeks. The more important one was that my darling's aunt had passed away. It was really sad at first, who wouldn't be. But as i look back at her life and the funeral, she was someone, who like Jesus carried the cross and mission even till death. She had suffered many illnesses and health problems, but it is through her sufferings that she brought her family close together. They came together more often and they talked more often. Maybe it was her duty and mission to keep thefamily together. Even at the funeral wake, she brought together her whole family. Like my dear said," that is my oldest cousin and i have not seen him for 15-16 years." Her cross was her family and she carried it willingly, even at her death. We all know that she is in a much better place now,but still looking down to look out for her family.

The other thing was the IH swimming. Ya we did not win the championship but we got 3 Golds and 1 Silver. It was a matter of administrative error that we got DQ. IF not for that error, there was still the other one which was truely a laughing matter . The organising hall can put all your trust and faith in a lane judge that does not even know how to swim. They stupid girl can DQ Amanda for a change of stroke, when the person do not know the difference between butterfly and freestyle. She doesn't even know what each stroke is. Our chief judge can summarise everything that went wrong in what he said,

" I, the chief judge, a national swimmer, an IVP swimmer, and someone who has a lifetime of competetive swimming experience, do not think there is a fault.The international Fina rules state that it is not a fault. But you as the organising hall, comes up with a set of rules to give the authority to DQ people to the Lane Judge,which surpasses my authority. And not to forget that you lane judges are not trained or know how to swim. If it is her call to DQ the hall, even with my advice, that is it."

But looking at the day,i am more glad about the team spirit the team put in.The effort and determination put in by the team is truely admirable. For a team that is completely new with no previous experience, you all put in all you got and brought home you Gold medals. This shows that it is not about the IVP swimmers that make a winning hall but all the people and team spirit. I am also grateful to eric for putting aside his differences to fight for the hall.

The Team that i am proud of.

Oh Yeah,Look out for 2009 when TOL comes alive.Counting down the time.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008.

Thinking TWICE

I attended today's pharmacology lecture that really made me worried.

The lecturer's first lines were

For those of you who are here by choice, let me congratulate you for being so brave.
For those of you who are here not by choice, because this is part of your course, i feel a bit sorry for you.

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Monday, January 07, 2008.

Sure strike 4D one.

Today was IVP Swimming Finals. I messaged my captain yesterday to confirm if i had any events for today and he said no. SO......i went gym in the morning and went running. Later in the evening,i thought of going along to support the team swimming today. Since supporting only,i still was doubtful as to whether i needed to bring trunks and goggles,but later decided to bring along so that can practice.

On the bus there,i was looking through the programme and was suprised to see my name so early.When i checked back, i my 200m freestyle today.
No.of events =0>>>>>>>no.of events= 1

Along the way i was looking through and saw there was also 400m freestyle. I remembered i was the reserve. But where was the swimmer.....qijian. I later found out that he had changed from NTU to go to NUS........ means i had to swim his events.
No. of events =1 >>>>>>>>>>no. of events = 2

So,where got ppl so lucky from 0 become 1 then become 2events. HAHAHA.............
And the number is 1414.

But even though the 2 events were back to back, i offered it up to HIM,and he did helpme. Even though i had never swam the 2 distance b4, HE helped me to not only finish but also to come in first for my heat. HE gave me not only the physical strength but also the mental strength and perseverance to carry on when i felt like quitting. It was HE who was there to help me.

After the whole day, i was thinking, gym and running in the morning and 2 long distance events back to back,i should be dead by now,but that was not so. I truely believed HE was there for me

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008.

Colin Kang
passed away 5th Dec 2007

An amazing lawyer that was different to everyone.I first thought of him as someone that had his own interest at heart. Only during the 2006 DnD did i realise his comments are to support the development of YM. During YM meeting,it was the first time he supported our ideas.

During his funeral mass, there were more people attending than the average sunday mass. A testimony of the lives he has touched.

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Its been a long time since i updated my blog, almost 2 months. Sorry dear for having to make you remind me to do it.

Well my exams ended on the last day of november and i am glad it ended. 8 papers altogether, while i heard ppl say that is the amount they have in 3 sems. Taking 8 papers was not as scary as i had imagined earlier. Just taking 1 paper at a time and believeing in yourself. Others may say u sure die, but hey if u want u can do it man. It was stressful but thanks dear for being so understanding and caring. Thanks for giving me the space to study and thanks for supporting me. I love you and thanks for standing beside me and giving me the encouragement...

Had just 1 week of break b4 my ICT came up. Hey it was a real eye opener for me....

1) I pushed myself to the limits for this ICT,maybe at times physically but more importantly mentally. During the Mission, we had to walk a long distance with many obstacles. The lack of sleep, water and proper meals for the 2 days and 1night before; the heck care attitude of the people around you; the constant grumbling and complaining of others; and the famous "s" hook through the forest. (Imagine a s shape route that is continuous for 3 hours in shin deep mud; straight distance of 1 km). Through the negative feelings around, i would say that if you dont keep a positive attitude,u will just sink. What i learnt was to be optimistic in the face of obstacles. Difficult,but you got to force it.

2) Finally got to shoot my rifle after so to kill some people to. Phrase to remember:

Pioneer Section:" Sir, we got no more ammo"

CO: " What is you bayonet for. Take it and kill the enemy!"

That really took place in the field and the opposing force got quite a scare when our guys actually did that.

3) I am surrounded by a bunch of lazy bastards. Look to the guys formerly from S1 branch, you all are damn lazy. CK and jeremy can volunteer to join us in the field and also to do the morning run, i dun see why the rst of u all cannot.They are having a worse PES status than most of u but they still cheong. You all are just pushing shit to the two of them. Jeremy is already CAT Y1 but he is not complaning, so why should you try to siam. In office,all the shit u all try to push to Kumu to do. I know that he is new to the branch stuff so at least help him. When we went outfield,you alll could at least do the nominal roll for him.

4) There are many people out there who are real chao keng. Want to siam the whole ICT and keep taking MC. I am damn disappointed with jian zhong. Try to siam still involved in incident to escape BME.....youare damn chao keng. Hats off to Paul Tan. Injured still cheong, got attachment still push it away.2 people,same education and background but 2 polar attitudes.

5) There are really some sad cases out there. What happened to people and the world. People losing 1 hand. Guys who are 21 and left to take care of the kid with the parents and gf abandoning them. Glad that i am lucky to have the ppl around me.

6) Darling sorry that i could not take care of u when i should. Sorry to have make u buy the presents for the rest.

Straight after the ICT came our BBQ. The annual BBQ with daniel and was especailly fun to be friends again and to finally hold my dear after 2 long weeks. It was really fun despite the slight drizzle but importantly was the company with all u friens together.

Christamas eve was really great. Finally went for IVP swim training and got to learn new stuff about training and will be using it for the hall swimming. Went for dinner with my darling at my aunt's place. Had chilli crab. Wierd for a christmas dinner but i really enjoyed it. 2 maybe 3 crabs. Went for Midnight Mass after that and dear you really looked very pretty. Mass was the same,but wierdly it was special.It is the only time of the year where everyone dresses up and somehow there are surprises. This year, all my darling's "sisters" attended mass together...but sadly colin passed away.......will make a post specailly for him.

Christmas was spent at my darling's place. Woke up late and ate leftovers(Christmas eve dinner) for breakfast......pork ribs. Went to Erica's place at about lunchtime, waited for the rest ofthe kids to come. we spent the day playing monopoly.If there is one game to train patience it got to be monopoly. Watch the kids play for 4 hours. Had great fun that day.Thanks for inviting me over dear.

28 Dec. 1year onfrom our DnD. YM organized a BBQ, we got more ppl from the youth groups coming but lesser confirmands.Saw the ABS kids, damn cute, all crowd round the fire. After the BBQ was the YM leaders retreat.Experiencednew things and got many insights asto what i need to do and what we all got to do to get TOL up and running. Very encouraged by the fact that many ppl are supporting us.

NEW YEAR"S DAY........finally 2008. New year and new sem,got to work hard.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007.

Lets allvote for Homer to be president. We will all get to have more donuts with a new secretary of donuts. Yeah.

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Its 7 days to the exam and nothing is going in...................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This is my most xiong exam yet, so many papersin a row and alsogot 2papers in 1 day.
Examend still got to rush lab report...........die

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